A worthwhile Site Every site owner wants his visitors to immediately turn into buyers, even if in doing so he modestly styled a website e-business. And since advertising on the network much cheaper than off line, insertion money in the promotion of the site occupation is more appropriate and rewarding. Unless, of course, to approach it with skill. But site owners are usually the ordinary user, and knowledge of the case "they are usually not missing. This shamelessly enjoy the many companies promoting sites on the Internet.more about improving sites on MYWebSearch. The objective of this article - to open the eyes of owners of sites for at least some of the obvious. The first thing you offer relevant agencies - is to optimize the site for a better perception of its search engines and the maximum matching search queries. Pay for it can and should be, but the most important results Optimizer to personally control: key words and phrases, under which are optimized, because if on your site and will be released on the first page of search results, but on low-frequency demand, sales this pleasant fact is, alas, not increase, the readability of the text after the above it will work optimizers, while aware that overloading the page text keyword can do more harm than good because search engines do not like that. But what exactly do not have to pay: a wound site design, full of animation, graphics, links, and optional in terms of functionality script: all creates for the search engines unnecessary obstacles in the process of scanning the contents pages of your site, for the program content management site for the same reason; for "tickets" for a comprehensive support site: this can cost from 5,000 rubles (the upper limit is virtually unlimited).